One of the remarkable things about our sponsors is that their investment enables The Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce to greatly enhance our member experience in a positive way.

Providing members with an experience they will rave about will prove beneficial to your company in the long term. Raving customers become brand advocates in the marketplace. And what company doesn’t want loyal customers as a brand advocate?


Promote a positive brand

Reach a wider demographic

Increase brand awareness

Enhance customer experience

Vitality Paladin

A Paladin is any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause. This noble cause is Vitality for the capacity to live, grow, or develop. More simply it is the property of having life.

Sponsorship Funds Allocation

Supports individuals with financial hardships to obtain alternative healthcare services and a community membership with the Chamber.
Supports networking and social events.


Vitality Paladin

Holistic Chiron

A Chiron (Greek God Chiron) is a centaur known for knowledge and skill in medicinal arts. A Holistic Chiron aims to enhance the overall  well-being and quality of life of an individual.

Sponsorship Funds Allocation

Same allocations as Vitality Paladin plus…

Sponsors periodic alternative health, wellness and fitness educational seminars that promote our members products and services and increase awareness in the community


Totality of Health Sentinel

A Sentinel is a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching. The Totality of Health Sentinel values are guided by a mission to promote intellectual and spiritual development, live ethically responsible lives and enrich the greater community through service and compassionate care

Sponsorship Funds Allocation

Same Allocation as Holistic Chiron plus…

Sponsors the “Annual Totality of Health” Expo Event that promotes all alternative health, wellness and fitness modalities


Totality of Health Sentinel

The Wellness Society

A unique society of highly engaged individuals or business on the forefront of Wellness and Fitness industry growth and community involvement

Sponsorship Funds Allocation

Supports overall Growth of the Chamber and expansion of  member benefits | The Wellness Society Social Gala


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