Peppy Caccavale
“Your eyes are the window to your health”

Peppy Caccavale
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Iridology Exams for a Unique Overall Health Assessment

Iridology Analysis by Peppy Caccavale

Have you heard that your eyes are the window to your soul?

Your Eyes are the Window to your Health, Emotions and Spirit.

An Iridology Assessment Can Proactively 

Reveal Hidden Health Issues

An Iridology assessment can create a unique, overall picture of your health condition. You will not only receive a clear idea of key issues of concern, but a plan for what to do next. We will offer natural health approaches along with suggesting areas you may want to further explore with your primary care physician. The result is better knowledge of your overall health condition and reduced potential of being surprised by an unanticipated sudden health issue.

Avoid Being Surprised by a Sudden Unanticipated Health Issue

You’ve probably heard stories of a seemingly health person experiencing a sudden unexpected health crisis: Heart attack, Diabetes, Digestion Issues, Cancer. These stories can leave us wondering, “Could I be next?” What is my health condition?

We attempt to answer these questions by having a physical exam or a DNA analysis. These are valuable; however, they can be expensive, involve a large investment of time and potentially fail to detect key health issues. And sometimes the results of these analysis can be so detailed and complicated that a person has trouble knowing what the key health issues are and what to do about them.

Mistakes People Make

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid by having a proactive Iridology assessment:

  • Avoiding knowing their health condition (If I don’t know it, it doesn’t exist.).
  • Waiting too long to find a solution, thinking it will just go away.
  • Seeking medical help after the issue has progressed.

Take Control of Your Personal Health

  • Be pro-active in discovering your health issues.
  • Employ a non-invasive assessment with no needles for blood to be drawn, no pills to be taken.
  • Become more educated in ways to prevent health issues in the first place.

The Iridology Solution

Having a Health Assessment through Iridology provides you with information on health conditions that could have been inherited from your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents…up to four generations!

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