The Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses, individuals & organizations. Our mission is to provide a networking platform that encourages a collective effort to awaken, educate and nurture our community through the active promotion of members’ holistic and alternative healthcare modalities.

Pricing Overview

Alliance Memberships



Regular Annual $199
Regular BiAnnual $105
Regular Quarterly $55



Regular Annual $500
Regular BiAnnual $260
Regular Quarterly $140



Regular Annual $299
Regular BiAnnual $155
Regular Quarterly $85

Community Memberships



Regular Annual $99
Regular BiAnnual $55



Regular Annual $25


Facilitate business and community networking & joint venture connections between all members and sponsors.


Offer training and business support services to promote the success of alliance members  and provide educational opportunities for our community members.


Support our Alliance Members in their mission to bring better health and fitness to the Las Vegas community.

Alliance Membership

Alliance Members either provide wellness products and/or services or supportive business services.  Our Alliance Members are committed to improving the health and fitness of our community and strengthening the bond among fellow members and sponsors.

Alliance Members Include:

Practitioner Members, Business Members and Non-Profit Members

Community Membership

Community members are the general public interested in learning about alternative healthcare options and finding providers in the area specific to their health and fitness goals and concerns.

Community Members Include:

Adult Community Members and Youth Community Members (not older than 21 years of age)

Sponsor Membership

Sponsor Members are organizations or individuals engaged in supporting our community’s healthcare and fitness needs. Sponsor members financially support our efforts to awaken, educate and nurture our members and our local community.

 Sponsor Members Include:

Level 1: Vitality Paladin, Level 2: Holistic Chiron, Level 3: Totality of Health Sentinel, and The Top Level: The Wellness Society

Social Networking Events

Member directories

Pass through discounts to and from alliance members

Community Outreach

Alternative health and fitness  educational sessions

3 Year price lock for
Founding Members

Business courses

Membership credits for
referring new members

Click the links below to learn more about each membership.  

We hope you’ll join us in our vision to make Las Vegas the healthiest place on earth!

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