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M. Samela Dingus – Your Next Option, LLC

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M. Samela Dingus - Your Next Option, LLC
Your Next Option
M. Samela Dingus - Your Next Option, LLCYour Next Option

Challenging the Stereotypes of Aging in America.
We help people discover their unique skills and inherent talents so that they have a plan, a passion and a purpose to continue to participate in their communities beyond retirement. We help individuals find focus and clarity beyond their corporate years so [...]

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7500 W Lake Mead Blvd #9-135 89128

It has been scientifically noted that we are going to outlive our great-grandparents by as much as 34 years?  Think about that. That’s an entire second adult lifetime that’s been added to our lifespan. How do we use this time? How do we live it successfully?

Our mission is to challenge the stereotypes of aging in America and to overcome self-inflicted ageism so that multicultural individuals 55 years and older can find focus, clarity, play, passion, and purpose beyond retirement. We call these individuals Melders = Mindful Elders, because Senior Citizen is heavy laden with negative connotations, visual misrepresentations, stigma, and prejudice.

Ageist generalizations and stereotyping do everyone a disservice. If we believe that old people are all cranky, out of touch, sickly, senile, and dependent,  what of those of us who are none of these things?  Would we defer to these ideas and make them expectations of our future? We cannot continue to negate our future selves. We will be 20% of the population in 2030. We have the time, talent, and expertise to continue to make a positive impact in our communities and the world!

In our program, we ask powerful, challenging, and thought-provoking questions so that you can discover your own unique and inherent talents. We show others that who they are and what they do has value so that they can continue to be contributing members of society. Businesses, groups, and organizations need your wisdom and experience so that they can continue to thrive in this global society.



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