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Louise Carruth – Little Candle Tea Company

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Are you more stressed and anxious these days then ever before? Self-care and tea go hand-in-hand. Confused about caffeine in coffee and tea? We give our customers the facts about caffeine and tea and how you can still enjoy a hearty cup of tea. Want or [...]

Service Address:
3053 W. Craig Rd. Ste. E #110, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 89032

The act of brewing tea could be the most important self-care eight minutes of your day. Do you need stress-free and calm moments in your busy life? Then loose leaf tea is the answer to your prayers. Follow your tea path to our website and discover the possibilities: Virtual Tea Tastings and Talks, Tea of the Month Club, and a variety of teas and tisanes to suit your palate.  We sell all our teas and brewing accessories on line.

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Phone: 17026432828

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