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Peppy Caccavale

Your Eyes Are the Gateway to Your Health Status.


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Have you ever heard the eyes are the window to your soul? Your Eyes are the Window to your Health, Emotions and Spirit.

Iridology Assessments by Peppy | What do your eyes say about you?

Avoid Being Surprised by a Sudden Unanticipated Health Issue

You’ve probably heard stories of a seemingly health person experiencing a sudden unexpected health crisis: Heart attack, Diabetes, Digestion Issues, Cancer. These stories can leave us wondering, “Could I be next?” What is my health condition?

People attempt to answer these questions by having a physical exam or a DNA analysis. These are valuable; however, they can be expensive, involve a large investment of time and potentially fail to detect key health issues. And sometimes the results of these analysis can be so detailed and complicated that a person has trouble knowing what the key health issues are and what to do about them.

An Iridology Assessment Can Proactively Reveal Hidden Health Issues

An Iridology assessment, on the other hand, can create a unique, overall picture of your health condition. You will not only receive a clear idea of key issues of concern, but a plan for what to do next. We will offer natural health approaches along with suggesting areas you may want to further explore with your primary care physician. The result is better knowledge of your overall health condition and reduced potential of being surprised by an unanticipated sudden health issue.

Assess the Condition of Your Organs by Looking into Your Eyes

In Iridology, the markings in the eyes relate to organs in the body telling a story of that area.

  • Is that area under a lot of stress?
  • Is it strong?
  • Is it congested and weak?
  • Is it inflamed and angry?

Having a health assessment through Iridology can reveal a lot of issues that a doctor could overlook or not see yet since it has not progressed to a painful level.

What Is an Iridology Assessment?

An Iridology assessment is similar to having your eye examined. Iridology is non-invasive. A picture of your eye is taken with a special camera with an illuminating lighting system. A health assessment is done as a result of the pictures that were taken.

Benefits of an Iridology Assessment | Iridology Assessments by Peppy | What do your eyes say about you?Could You Benefit from an Iridology Assessment?

  • Are you interested in health prevention?
  • Would you like to avoid experiencing an unanticipated health issue?
  • Would you like to proactively discover health issues before they manifest in a health crisis?
  • Do you want to be in greater control of your personal health?
  • Would you like to avoid unnecessary dependence on pills/drugs?
  • Would you like your body to operate efficiently and effectively?

Mistakes People Make

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid by having a proactive Iridology assessment:

  • Avoiding knowing their health condition ("If I don’t know it, it doesn’t exist.")
  • Waiting too long to find a solution, thinking it will just go away.
  • Seeking medical help after the issue has progressed.

Take Control of Your Personal Health

  • Be pro-active in discovering your health issues.
  • Employ a non-invasive assessment with no needles for blood to be drawn, no pills to be taken.
  • Become more educated in ways to prevent health issues in the first place.

The Iridology Solution

Having a Health Assessment through Iridology provides you with information on health conditions that could have been inherited from your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents…up to four generations!

Conditions Revealed by an Iridology Assessment

Just knowing the meaning of your eye color can provide you with a lot of information.

Lymphatic Eyes | Iridology Assessments by Peppy | What do your eyes say about you?Lymphatic Eyes

Lympathic eyes (blue eyes) could have an inherent overactive lymph system, problems with tonsils, adenoids, upper respiratory, lungs, sinuses to name a few.





Biliary Eyes | Iridology Assessments by Peppy | What do your eyes say about you?Biliary Eyes

Biliary eyes (mixed eyes of brown and blue) Could have issues with the liver and gallbladder, weakness in pancreas function, gastrointestinal disturbances and digestive issues to name a few.





Hematogenic Eyes | Iridology Assessments by Peppy | What do your eyes say about you?Hematogenic Eyes

Hematogenic eyes (dark brown eyes) May have an imbalance of blood composition, thick or thin blood, inability to store essential minerals, having a tendency for anemia and circulatory insufficiency. Just knowing this information allows you to make better choices of what you put in your body.

Knowing your body and how you are feeling is a big factor.

  • How well do YOU gauge how you are feeling?
  • Are you feeling fatigued, do you have sinus drainage after having dairy products, eating wheat or eating sugar?
  • After having a heavy meal, do you want to go to sleep?
  • Does your body have an issue with digesting food where the food just wants to sit there and not move?

More Solutions Provided Through an Iridology Assessment

Blue Eyes
For instance, if you have blue eyes, the lymph system could be congested and some easy solutions could be doing vigorous exercises to move the lymph, jumping on a mini-trampoline, and deep breathing. Swinging your arms when walking. These can be modified if you have issues with balance. Dry skin brushing before a shower or bath is helpful in moving the lymph.

Dark Brown Eyes
If you have dark brown eyes, there is usually an imbalance of blood composition, tendency for anemia and circulatory insufficiency along with the liver, gallbladder and spleen. You can build the blood with eating greens, beets, black berries, black cherries to name a few. Eat foods high in fiber will also help. Avoid eating processed, fried and heated oils and junk food. Eat foods high in minerals, and drink vegetable juices and nut-seed milk.

Mixed Eyes (Blue and Brown)
If you have mixed eye (blue and brown), there usually is an imbalance with the liver and digestion issues. You would want to avoid fried foods and heated oils. You may want to concentrate on eating lots of bitter greens, kale, beet tops, cilantro, arugula and dandelion greens. Drink raw juices like wheat grass, parsley, spinach and beet. Black cherry juice will help elevate the iron.

Benefits of an Iridology Assessment

  • You will be educated on potential imbalances
  • You could have peace of mind
  • Could eliminate some potential health issues
  • It is easy and non-invasive
  • It is quick and inexpensive

Who is Peppy Caccavale?

Peppy Caccavale is a certified Iridologist through the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA). This gives Peppy strict qualifications to being an active Iridologist. To keep her certification current, each year Peppy is required to attend classes and obtain 20 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).
Peppy’s Master’s degree is in Human Resources. After being tired of laying off personnel, firing employees and shutting down facilitates, she decided to return to the Arts/healing. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Traditional Feng Shui Consultant, Family Herbalist and fusion glass artist.

Client Testimonials

“Iridology has validity in pinpointing health issues to the point of mental health. This surprised me that it knew. I was very impressed with my reading/analysis.”
-TC, Las Vegas, NV

“Peppy was very professional in what she did, definitely gave a very good description and explanation of what you have in your own eyes. She is someone who really has taken her studies and interest to heart and then shares it with you in a very logical and understandable format.”
-LG, Las Vegas, NV

“I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first about Iridology but after my first Iridology analysis session with Peppy, I was very impressed by Peppy’s knowledge, thoroughness and expertise at pinpointing issues so accurately. Her follow-up is great too with recommendations for a healthier future. I am so happy I went to Peppy for this extraordinary revealing analysis.”
ND, Las Vegas, NV

“I never had an idea of what Iridology was. I was very curious as to what I could learn about my health. As they say, the eyes are the windows to your soul but I have since learned they are the window to your health and body. What I have learned from the analysis of my eyes was mind blowing. The issues that were pointed out resonated with me because I was aware of several of them i.e., allergies, sinus headaches and anemia. However, the additional information from the analysis was quite informative. This information led me to ask questions at my next physical that I never would have thought of asking. Better safe than sorry.

I was very pleased with the analysis. It was very informative and provided a positive insight to my health, body and overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend Iridology as it is very informative. Knowledge is power and with it we can control our health and body thus leading to a happier and healthy life.”
-JD, Las Vegas, NV

What Is an Iridology Assessment Like?

Having a health assessment through Iridology will require two appointments:

  1. First Appointment: I will take a picture of your eyes using a specialized camera with an illuminating system. The information is then transferred to a computer so an analysis can be done.
  2. Second Appointment: Once the analysis is complete a second appointment is made to review the results. A copy of your report and eyes are emailed to you along with other valuable information regarding the use of vitamins, minerals and herbs which other clients found to be helpful.

How to Get Started

  • What are you waiting for?
  • Why be left in the dark regarding the condition of your health?
  • Are you really comfortable not knowing what hidden health issues could suddenly and unexpectedly surprise you?

To schedule your Iridology Assessment, please call or text me at: 702-219-9217. I will be happy to answer your concerns.

I look forward to looking into your eyes to help you be a healthier you.

Call me – let’s talk.

Peppy Caccavale


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