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  1. Mary Levine – From Surviving to Thriving!
Mary Levine of Juice Plus

Helping People Take Their Health Back Through Juice Plus Nutrition

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Your vitality is my passion!

Do you find yourself saying “I am so tired” or “How can I slow down my aging”?  Imagine being able to change that narrative with a few simple changes.  Common health issues aren’t so common when you start to develop healthier habits – starting with one simple change at a time!

  • **Reduce brain fog
  • **Stay active, doing the things you love to do
  • **Boost your immune system
  • **Lose weight
  • **Improve your gut health and digestion
  • **Reverse the effects of aging
  • **Fight chronic disease
  • **Enjoy better sleep
  • **Decrease symptoms from allergies, headaches, and other inflammation

Let’s get started!

Not sure where to start?  As a certified health coach of five years, I can help you with your health goals.  I have worked with hundreds of clients to improved their health and wellness.  I will educate you with the “whats” “whys” and “hows” of making lifestyle changes to get you feeling energized – at your pace!

  • ** Jumpstart your health with free cookbooks, support group, 1:1 coaching, educational webinars, fitness series
  • ** Participate in tasty meal prepping events
  • ** Request private plant-based cooking classes and see how easy it is to eat healthy – for the whole family
  • ** Schedule a pantry make-over
  • ** Learn how to shop healthy and affordable with a grocery shopping fieldtrip

What is Juice Plus+?

  • **100% vine ripened fruits and vegetables that have been pulverized and dried at low temperature to preserve the nutrients.
  • **100% vegan omega blend capsules
  • **Plant based protein powder for smoothies and so much more
  • **Tower Garden to easily grow your own produce from a patio or inside
  • **Juice Plus+ is the most researched nutritional product in the world – 40+ research studies in leading medical journals!  Plant based, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, NonGMO, and Kosher – all with a third party certification.
  • **And it’s FREE for kids . . .  to get them started on the right path during the developmental years

Get Yourself Started By Contacting Me Today.

I look forward to working with you (and have some fun along the way) on your journey to living a life full of energy and vitality!


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Phone: 661-803-9725

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