Glen Alex | Mental Health Counselor | Las Vegas, NV

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Glen Alex | Mental Health Counselor | Las Vegas, NV
Glen Alex | Mental Health Counselor | Las Vegas, NV

Your Best Mental Health is Within Reach!

Mental health is one of the single greatest factors affecting your happiness.

Good mental health includes:

  1.  Positive self-image
  2. Self confidence
  3. Clear, healthy boundaries
  4. Ability to create and maintain satisfying relationships
  5. Experience of living joyfully

How might you rate yourself in these 5 indicators of best mental health?

We are all born with innate wisdom, intuition, that informs us about the whats and hows of living joyfully. Unfortunately, social conditioning drives a wedge between who we truly are and who others demand we be. So, we tend to follow the path of loved ones, even when their path is not right for us. This sets up an internal battle that we wrestle with daily—us vs them, being ourselves or getting approval.

This struggle need not be. You can be and express your true self while receiving love and support from others.

Your best mental health awaits you.

Remove These Common Barriers to your Best Mental Health:

  • Takers: people who use your time and energy for their own selfish gains
  • Guilt for taking care of self
  • Fear of losing love or approval
  • Stress of trying to please others
  • Feelings of failure of not measuring up to unrealistic expectations

Our mission is for you to be joy, connection, confidence, and complete, the life experience we call wellth, which is health plus other riches.

You were born wellthy. Somehow it was conformed out of you, yet your Personal Truth is still within.

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