Glen Alex | Mental Health Counselor | Las Vegas, NV

Glen Alex | Mental Health Counselor | Las Vegas, NV
Glen Alex, The Wellthy One
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With the guidance and experience of Glen Alex as your mental health counselor you will:
  1. Identify barriers to your best mental health.
  2. Discover why these barriers seem to persist in spite of all your attempts for eliminate them.
  3. Successfully overcome the barriers to your best mental health so you can enjoy life!

Your best mental health will positively affect ALL areas of health:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Mental Health Counseling Services

Request Glen Alex as your Guide on the Path to Your Best Mental Health


Glen is best listener I know, she’s very passionate and very thorough about my health!!
–Larry D.



Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women

Online Self-Paced Course

A Mastermind course to teach overwhelmed women to have less stress by setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. It is a deep dive into boundaries, which are much more than saying “no”.

“The lesson about my inner alarm system was eye opening. And then learning about the different triggers and how to recognize and stop them was so useful I was able to apply them immediately.”
–Segolene d’H


Book: Living in Total Health

Living In Total Health is a why-to, not a how-to. It is a total wellness guide that addresses every area of health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

“Glen’s book Living in Total Health is a comprehensive help book for my entire life! As a self-help junkie myself, I typically will jump from book to book, depending on my ‘issue’ at the time. After years reading other books, Glen’s has finally put together all of this information in one place. It is a gentle reminder of the many complicated components that are jumbled together in our daily lives, and it explains them with examples that opened my eyes! She has insight and solutions for overcoming our worst enemy—ourselves. This book is like a life coach!”
— Ann Alba, BS Exercise Science, MBA



The benefits of living in your best mental health encompass your whole being.

  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Less stress and overwhelm.
  • More authentic relationships.
  • Increased self-esteem/confidence.
  • Increased self-trust.
  • Sleep better.
  • Experience a positive effect on relationships with friends and family.
  • Get your needs met in a healthy fashion.

Schedule a Session with Glen Alex

Schedule a Session with Glen Alex

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About the author

LCSW, LMT, Wellth Coach at | (702) 766-6492 | | Website | + posts

Glen Alex is the author of Living in Total Health, now in its 2nd edition. Her mission is to help people be more joyful, connected, confident and complete. This is a life experience she refers to as Wellth: Health + other riches in life. Glen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who delivers counseling and coaching services and is the guiding spirit behind The Glen Alex Show,, Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women online course, and other services in fulfillment of her transformative mission. You can contact Glen Alex at or (702) 766-6492.

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