Monthly Events (Currently Virtual)

Networking & Training

1st Thur, 11:30am-1pm
April 1st
(Guests Welcome)

Member Spotlight

Focus on YOU and 
Your Business

We’ll be giving each attendee an opportunity to answer 3 questions:

  1. What is the most important next step accomplishment for your business?
  2. What are you planning to do in the next 30 days to move the ball forward toward this accomplishment?
  3. How can the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber community help you?

Success Toolkit Training

David Smith
Chamber Chair

Making Joint Venturing a Key Growth Generator

Referral networking organizations have been popping up everywhere recently: Live networking, virtual networking, speed networking.

Okay, we get it! Referral networking is a powerful way to find clients and grow your business.

But did you know that there is next step above and beyond referral networking that is even more powerful?

That next step is called “Joint Venturing”. Today we push beyond popular referral networking to learn about Joint Venturing, and how to create a Joint Venturing business growth strategy that will be like referral networking on steroids!

(learn more about David Smith)

Mastermind solutions

2nd Thur, 7:30-9pm
April 8th
(Members Only)



Business Video Creation Workshop

Led by David Smith
Chamber Chair 

Video is the #1 way to capture and hold viewer attention on the internet and convert viewers into clients.

Have you been wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to broadcast your marketing message through video?
Now is your best opportunity!
In the March 18th Chamber meeting we identified a great 3-minute business video theme for every member present.

In this Mastermind, we’ll help you script out a video on the theme we identified March 18th or another theme of your choice.

Get hands on experience creating a video script from a theme.

Take advantage of this opportunity!
Would you like to explore a video theme ahead of the mastermind session?
Do you have questions, or need some inspirational ideas?

Networking & Training

3rd Thur, 7:30-9pm
April 15th
(Guests Welcome)

Member Spotlight

Focus on YOU and 
Your Business

Follow up on the questions we asked attendees during the April 1st Member Spotlight:

  1. How have the last 2 weeks brought you closer to achieving your most important next step business accomplishment?
  2. Who and what resources have been helpful to you along the way?
  3. What are your next steps toward the goal and why is this goal important to you?

Success Toolkit Training

Jonathan Marx
Chamber President

Establishing and Updating Your Business Structure

Business structure is something most business owners visit when they first form their business. After that, it’s in the rear view mirror.

Today we’ll learn the steps to form a business structure (LLC, Corp., Partnership, Non-Profit…etc.).

Then, we’ll go beyond that to explore when and how to review, tweak and take advantage of your business structure. 

(learn more! about Jonathan Marx)  

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