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Every Chamber event is designed to support the success of your Health Services Business.

networking & Training

1st Thur, 11:30am-1pm
August 6

Featured Member

Glen Alex

Glen Alex
Counselor, Coach, Author

Glen Alex is the author of Living in Total Health. She is a counselor and coach, and is the guiding spirit behind the Glen Alex Show,  and Empress of Boundaries online course. Her mission is to help people be more joyful, connected, confident and complete – to experience Wellth: Health + other riches.

Success Toolkit Training

David Smith
Chamber Chair

Anatomy of an Interactive Internet Sales Letter

Capture > Captivate > Convert

Learn how to describe one of your services or products in a way that:

  • Captures Attention
  • Captivates your Viewers
  • Converts Viewers to Buyers

A compelling sales message will revolutionize your website and its results along with breathing new life into every business presentation you make across all media.

David will analyze an internet sales letter he recently created for a client and demonstrate how to customize it to your own business.

mastermind solutions

2nd Thur, 7:30-9pm
August 13     (Members Only)



Transforming Your Message from Information to Experience


Build your Client Attracting, Keyword Optimized Website on the Chamber website and optimize your business message everywhere for increased results!

We’ll help you analyze how your directory message on the Chamber website and on your own business website measure up against the 5 keys of a message that creates an experience in the minds of viewers.

It’s not just about website traffic – it’s about conversion: Inspiring viewers to take action. Experiences inspire.

How to Prepare:

  1. Attend the success toolkit training session on August 6th.
  2. Identify 3 viewer experiences for your directory area.
  3. Email David Smith with your 3 ideas.
  4. We’ll refine your ideas.
  5. We’ll bring them before Chamber members in the Mastermind Session for additional review and insight.

Networking & Training

3rd Thur, 7:30-9pm
August 20

Featured Member

Jolli Neal

Jolli Neal
Colon Hydrotherapist

Jolli Neal is the owner and technician of Amazing Healing Waters Colon Hydrotherapy. Because so much disease starts in the colon, colon hydrotherapy helps prevent disease throughout the body. Clients report increased well-being, heightened energy levels and renewed vitality. 

Success Toolkit Training

Jonathan Marx
Chamber President

Creating a Compelling
Call to Action

When you want someone to take action, you have to “call for it.” It’s called “Call to Action” or “CTA.”

Believe it or not, adults almost always appreciate knowing a next step. So give it to them.

At the end of any email, social media post, web page if you want people to act, then tell them what to do. Make it friendly and obvious. We’ll show you how, without being too salesy.