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Networking & Training

1st Thur, 11:30am-1pm
Nov 5
(Guests Welcome)

Member Spotlight

Tracey Hamilton
Owner of Sunny Virtual Business Support

Sunny Virtual Business Support helps Health & Wellness and Small Business Entrepreneurs create more peace in their business by keeping their books balanced and their office operations running smoothly so that they can focus on serving up a whole lot of awesomeness to their clients! (learn more about Tracey

Success Toolkit Training

David Smith
Chamber Chair

Writing for Impact

Would you like to increase your response rate by 5X – 10X from every written communication you create? 

Imagine receiving 10X your current response from every email you send, every page on your website, every time you speak in a networking setting, every time you present a sales proposal.

The words you use make all the difference. But, how to choose the right words?

David will share at least 10 basic principles to powerful writing. Apply even one or 2 of these principles and you will see dramatic results!

The principles are not difficult. Any health services professional can use them to transform their writing from “so-so” to “spectacular”! (learn more about David Smith)

Mastermind solutions

2nd Thur, 7:30-9pm
Nov 12
(Members Only)



Year End Holiday Specials!


In this mastermind session you’ll practice activating your contact list.

Are you already broadcasting emails to your contact list on a regular basis? We’ll look at how you might increase results on all the key metrics: Opens, Clicks, Calls, Requests for Service. In addition, we’ll explore how you might grow your contact list.

Is email marketing new to you? We’ll explore how you can launch your first email marketing program and begin generating new clients and new income. 

As they say, “The money is in the list.” Discover the truth of this statement for your business.

To prepare for this mastermind:

  1. Be ready to describe your email marketing program. What is your current strategy? How is it working?
  2. How are you generating new contacts for your list? 
  3. We’ll look at one of your sample email broadcasts. Pick a recent broadcast and be ready to share it at the Mastermind for valuable feedback. Forward your recent eblast to

Networking & Training

3rd Thur, 7:30-9pm
Nov 19
(Guests Welcome)

Member Spotlight

Dr. Trina Wiggins 
(Watch for more information!)

Watch this space for more information!

Success Toolkit Training

Jonathan Marx
Chamber President

Growing Your Community Through Social Media Marketing

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of Social Media Marketing? Where to begin? How to avoid sinking an insane amount of time into Social Media?

We’ll look at some basic principles of effective Social Media Marketing. Whether you’re starting your Social Media Marketing for the first time or you’re an experienced Social Media Marketer, you’ll discover strategies that will:

  • Make sense of the confusion you might be experiencing when you think of Social Media Marketing for your business.
  • Give you a basic track to run on from launching to consistently marketing.
  • Help you create and engage your own vital community on Social Media.

And most of all, you’ll discover Social Media as one of your most powerful marketing tools!

(learn more about Jonathan Marx)  

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