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  • 08/10/2018 10:01 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    A Policeman’s Spontaneous Solution Overcomes the Impossible

    I heard this story years ago.  A small town in the 1960’s had a vagrant problem.  Not homeless, vagrant.  These were men who were drunk, filthy, harassing citizens on the street, and sleeping where they wanted.

    Some of these guys stole out of the local stores.  Nobody did anything about it.  No one wanted to touch them (eeew).  Yep, they were matted and ripe.

    The town wanted ACTION.  Who did this fall upon?   The local police who didn’t want anything to do with kicking out “Bums.”

    Tactics Don’t Work

    They first started at a campsite near the creek on the edge of town.  The cops kicked down tents and tossed blankets in the water.  Didn’t work.  It was summer.  Chasing them off was useless too.  They would just come back.  It was hopeless.

    One night a rookie officer was driving a squad car up to the railroad tracks.  His training officer barked, “Stop.”  They got out of the car and walked up to the tracks.  There was a bum stretched across the rails, unconscious, smelling of booze.

    Neither officer wanted to touch him.  Out of the corner of the senior officer’s eye, he saw another bum watching them.

    An Idea Makes the Difference

    “I told you not so hard.”  The rookie picked up on this, “I couldn’t help myself okay.”  “Do you realize what kind of trouble we...”

    The senior officer now looks plainly over at the other bum.  “We’ve got a witness.”

    Both officers walk over to the bum, who is shivering in fear.  “What did you see,” said the senior officer.  The bum shakes his head.  The rookie officer chimes in, “I say we get rid of him.”  Now the bum’s knees are knocking.

    The senior officer pushes the rookie back, “Don’t get carried away.”  The rookie officer pushes back a little, “We can’t afford to let him live.”  The bum was now frozen.  The cops walked a short distance away as if to discuss the matter.

    When the cops turned back, all they saw were feet kicking up dust.

    The word got around town that the police were killing bums.  The problem vacated in a matter of days.  Not one vagrant was harmed.

    A City of Ideas

    A single thought, an idea, can change a lot.   As crude an example as this is, it worked.  You need an idea to optimize your business.  We need an idea to help in innovating our community’s quality of life.  One person can’t do it alone.

    The one officer came up with an idea.  The other helped in making it happen.

    We need an involved community of businesses and professionals helping each other.  Working together, our city can come up with better ideas.  We can improve ourselves, our clients, and our city.  You can help make it happen.

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.

  • 08/10/2018 8:39 AM | Stan Shields (Administrator)
    Las Vegas, Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce, Return on Investment, ROI, Wellness

    Throughout my career I have been a member of several Chambers of Commerce. I can remember asking myself at times if it was really worth it. I would go to all the meetings, networking events and even became an ambassador. Connector is what they called it. I made a lot of friends. Many people that I am still friends with today, over 17 years later. 

    In an effort to find more value and get more involved. I joined a committee. I don't really remember the name of the committee, but it had something to do with the local schools and kids. That committee made sense to me since I was owner/operator of a martial arts school that had a student base that was two thirds kids under 12 years old. 

    After spending several months on this committee and participating in the discussions and activities I developed several relationships. But, the one that stood out was with Stan Scheer, the Superintendent of Littleton Public Schools. It's funny, because for a long time on that committee I didn't know what his role was with the school system. 

    I don't really remember what sparked the conversation, but Stan and I started talking about the kids and my leadership program and other activities at my school. He then invited me to visit him in his office. Of course I went! While there, he introduced me to Shirley Trees, the Director of Elementary Education for Littleton Public Schools. 

    Shirley and I spent some time talking over a few weeks and she arranged for me to present to the Directors of the Before and After care programs of the elementary schools. I guess they may have voted or something, but they notified me that I could present my Stranger Danger, ABC's of Success, and Bully Prevention programs in their schools. Which we started to do immediately. Over the summer we presented to all the schools that were within a five mile radius of my martial arts business. Some of them had us do all three programs I offered. 

    The value of a student for me was around $2500 per year. My chamber membership was $600 per year. I really only needed one new student from that one activity to be a success. We had more than 10 times that per year. We ran that process for several years. I would say that Chamber membership was really worth it! 

    Sometimes we have to dig deeper to calculate the true ROI that we are receiving. We have to go beyond those initial meetings, and we have to drive several layers deep into the relationships that have been established that could have led to more business that we didn't count. Maybe we overlooked it. 

    The power of a Chamber relationship is the community that we create. To gain benefit from a community, we have to give to a community.  Get involved with the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce and ask what you can give, before what you can get!

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