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Conceptual Marketing Part III

04/07/2020 11:18 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

Unique But Relatable

Different – But What They’re Looking For

Take a gander at the Cuckoo Clocks above.  Each one looks almost the same.  Similar color, similar timing hands and probably the same crazy bird jumping out to say, “cuckoo.” But if you look more closely at each design – they’re unique.

They have little figurines that are doing something different.  Each has their own roof design.

Why wouldn’t the shop be selling more of the same thing? Because buyers have their own taste. Some customers are similar in what they want but will still have varying intricacies. You have to find that common cord inside that gene pool.  The one that drives them to purchase what they can’t pass up.

Welcome to your Unique Selling Proposition

This why you have to know every reason why your product is beneficial.  It’s why you have to know your key prospect inside and out. Because your proposition is based on that. The creativity now kicks into interest, sell and close. You’re creating a relationship between your product and your target audience.

But there is no relationship without that identifying concept – which catches your quarry off guard.

“Okay, I get it. But how am I supposed to come up with that?”

Before you hire someone to come up with a jingle that loses more money, read this:

The Irresistible Idea

You’ve created the relationship.  But there has to be desire. The kind created by both need and attraction.  Sound complicated? It’s simpler than you think.

I’m going to make another unsavory example like the snake oil salesman. The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort. In the movie Jordan passes a pen around to his misfit pals he is trying to make into salesmen. “Sell me this pen.” Almost all of them fail except the last. He takes the pen away, then hands Jordan a piece of paper.

“Write your name on this.”

Jordan looks around for something to write with.

“Oh, you don’t have a pen anymore.  Supply and demand, bro.”

People don’t operate on just wanting something. They’re already pushed to it. Habits aren’t always given up. They’re usually replaced. There is a stronger response to losing something even before it’s gone. No one likes losing anything.

A strong need for your product can be found. But what causes the attraction?


Have you ever been attracted to someone who is predictable? You may have wanted to make them predictable and that’s what kills a relationship. But how many people have you seen that want something they can’t have.

  • Poor people want to be rich – making lotteries successful.
  • Rich people want to be like anybody else – making psychologist successful.
  • Middle class people are tired of paying for everything – making freebie offers successful.
  • Stupid people think paying a lot of money will educate them – making universities successful.
  • Men and women look for relationships with greener pastures – making divorce lawyers successful.

It’s not the outcome (as many teach) that is the key interest.  It’s the method. What is it about this concept, not the product, that makes the promise – a reality.  That’s what intrigues people.

In romance – you’re interested in how the man/woman looks, talks and carries themselves. It’s not what’s inside.  That comes later (in some cases much too later). Why? Mystery. Without sexual tension it’s not as exciting. There’s no challenge.

Now you’ve got your formula. Need + Challenge = Attraction. There’s no desire without this formula.

The Unique Mechanism

Take this formula and base it on your product and prospect. Create the idea that will reel in conversions and at the same time help those you target. Still sounds like a daunting task?  Let’s use another example.

Three boys sit at a breakfast table.  Two glare at a box of healthy serial.  Something neither wants because “healthy” tastes lousy. To prove it both are shoving a bowl full of the cereal the other’s way. “I’m not gonna try it, you try it.”

“I’m not gonna try it. You try it.”

“Hey, let’s get Mikie. He hates everything.”

They shove the bowl to a younger boy at the other end of the table. He shovels the cereal and milk into his mouth.

“He likes it. Hey, Mikie.”

I know that you may remember this commercial. But look at the power of it.  The kid who hates everything eats YUCK. If that doesn’t build curiosity, I don’t know what does. Too make that action work even more, there has to be tag line. Something that incapsulates it and makes it even more intriguing.

P90X video workout came up with “Muscle Confusion” and sold like mad. Because the concept drew curiosity and captured the imagination of workout enthusiasts. Get that audience I just mentioned there. It’s not fat people who need to exercise. I have friends in both groups. The latter would die on their floor. I’m better off with, “You can’t eat just one.”

That would have my heavy friends lined up at 7-11. Why? Because it’s about Yummy! Like the kids and the cereal.

Remember it’s about the need that they want, not the need that is better for them. When you create an attractive and needed desire, you can help someone who didn’t want to improve themselves change for the better.  And profit while you’re at it.

Brainstorming was never easier once you know your product fully, know your ideal customer personally, and have a unique mechanism that attracts what’s natural to them. Find and hit that cord.

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