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Conceptual Marketing Part II

12/31/2019 7:25 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

The Avatar

An Audience of One – Not Everyone

This past week I was visiting my sister in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I wore my Las Vegas Golden Knights Cap and Golden Nugget sweater into US Pizza Company.  Why?  I was hoping people would ask me, “Are you from Las Vegas?”  As it turned out, no one cared.  Young adults now (millennials) care only about their mundane lives.

The hospitality of the South is gone.  Or is it?

25 years earlier, I could walk into a Little Rock establishment and wow people about living in Los Angeles.  I could tell them how I worked for Playboy at that time.  I had eyes bugging out (sometimes tongues).  But I didn’t have that intent.  I wasn’t looking for a reaction.  I was talking to that person about my experiences.  I was telling stories to another human being.

When you’re not looking for mass appeal and you’re targeting your audience, it increases the response.

You know when you’ve been caught talking at a friend or family member.  Imagine that happening in your business.  You see people glance away, give you a blank look, or simply excuse themselves and walk away.  You think, “They’re rude.”

The Mentor

I’m a distinguished Toastmaster.  I’ve spoken at events.  Yes, you’ve probably heard me speak at Chamber Networking meetings.  We all can make that mistake talking about our products and services.  You can get carried away with your expertise.  But do you talk enough to your audience like a friend or family member?  Do you CARE?

That’s the role of a Mentor.  You take a protégé (student) by the hand and lead them to a better way.  You want someone to put their trust in you.  But who is that someone.  They’re not anyone.  That’s the biggest mistake in marketing.

No one knows who you’re talking to when you’re shouting to the crowd.  And they all walk away.

If you want to help somebody, if you want to get somebody to buy – you have to know who they are to talk to them.

The Protégé

I mentor this one Toastmaster, Gary, who has done some great attention getting actions when he speaks.  Gary has run from the back of the room to the stage.  He has thrown sneakers, jumped up on the conference table, dumped a bowl of change.  The other Toastmasters look at me like, “What is he doing?”

But when he speaks, it’s actually to himself.  Not everybody else has his problem.

I asked him, “Who are you talking to?”

The answer he gave was, “Everyone.”

This is why the others thought he was far out.  His antics were more remembered than the content.  But when he told a story about himself, his struggle and gave his opposing characters a voice – the audience related.  And this was by accident.

What if you related to your one audience member?  What if you spoke to them on a personal level?  Would they remember you better than your product?  Would they trust you?  That’s what you should be trying to achieve.

People Relate to People

A person doesn’t relate to a thing.  Unless, you’re Marlon Brando talking to Wally Cox’s urn.  Even then, he was talking to his deceased best friend.  The product doesn’t have a trust factor.  You do.

People will buy outlandish products because of wild claims.  But once they’ve been cheated, they’re that much more guarded on buying anything.  Do you ignore them?  Push them to the side?  No, you win them over and treat them right.  That’s where a long and fruitful relationship can begin.

You need to be the Mentor that will change their life.  You have to develop a relationship with that one particular person that represents your audience.  The conversation needs to be as if it were one on one.  Here’s how it works...

Your 5 Point Avatar Breakdown

You have to picture this person (avatar) in your mind.  You need to give him a name so that your subconscious knows you are talking to him and how to talk to him.  This breakdown will give you a better picture of who he is.

Use this to build your avatar:

  1. What does he want? – success, better health, love, safety, relief > narrow it down if possible
  2. What is his biggest problem or what’s standing in his way?
  3. Does he have a nemesis? – Is there an outside force that is against him?
  4. Do you share the same experience as your avatar and what is it exactly?
  5. Put a face and a history to your avatar – his story.

What Keeps Him Up At Night

Understand that desire exactly and you have his undivided attention.  People who want to achieve something want to hear from someone who knows what they’re going through.  How do you convey that?  With a story.  Tell him from your own experience or from someone you know.

Putting together your avatar from the information above will give you a voice that you’re new friend will understand.  He’ll feel that he’s known you all along.

Develop your avatar and bring him to a Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch.  Tell us you’re story, his story and see how it goes over.

Your Friend / Your Customer

Don’t let a rewarding relationship slip away.  Create new ones focusing on all of them as if they were one person.

Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

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