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Reflection Revisited

11/02/2019 5:36 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

I wrote this article in 2013. And six years later, it still holds true.
Self-Reflection is the vehicle to personal growth and development. 



In my perennial pursuit of knowledge and understanding of life, sometimes I hit a brick wall. The Universe has me on a need-to-know basis and not everything known is available to me when I want to know it. Those times remind me to slow my roll and revisit what I already know. Patience beckons me to step back and allow life to unfold before me. Reflection is in order.

A mirror captures an image and returns it in kind, allowing for an objective review of what cannot be seen with the internal eye. As egocentric creatures we humans tend to focus on ourselves and see only what we think and feel, demanding the world conform to our wants. The mirror provides an opportunity to be outside of ourselves while observing ourselves to learn, to grow.

As I observe me from afar, my reflection produces random yet meaningful memories and feelings and thoughts and impulses that flood my being. Most of them are not comforting and many evoke fear, sadness or anger.

Sorting through the perturbation is difficult, slow. No easy answers. No nicely packaged insights. No life-changing sound bites. Alas, what now?

Quiet. Patience. What I already know is that time reveals all things; time heals all wounds. The task is to remain calm as the unfolding takes place, to process the anguish peacefully and learn from it. What helps the most are stillness, massage, breath.

This holiday season is a perfect time for reflection. We already review how good we’ve been all year to assess the quality of the gifts we should get. So it’s an easy ask to take a little extra time to review the whole you. This doesn't mean isolation and meditation for hours, nor does it mean shunning responsibilities.

Reflection, quite simply, involves allowing the mind to wonder and stream mental activity without attachment or judgment. Ah, simple; not easy. Strength and trust are required to see the good and icky without blaming self or others. It takes courage to face our wrongs and trust that we’ll be ok despite our faults weaknesses. Also, it takes clarity to recognize the genuine good we’ve done.

The objectivity of reflection is most important because it is the vehicle for understanding our choices and actions and consequences, and how we can do better for ourselves, loved ones, society.

Reflection has shown me my critical errors, my unresolved pain, my unrealistic expectations, and my possibilities. I now reflect and what I need to know will be revealed, in time. 


Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health (2 editions), Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Health & Wellness Coach. Glen offers complimentary health & wellness consultations. To schedule yours, contact |


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