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7 Steps in Finding Common Ground Networking

09/26/2019 12:14 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

The Most Powerful Way To Relate and Convert

Last Thursday, I was at the Largest Mixer here in Las Vegas.  It’s held at the Dallas Ballroom at Texas Station Hotel Casino once a year.  The objective, like any other networking event, is to make contact with someone who can help your business.  This can be by referral, partnering or buying of your product/service.

I met so many more people this year.  Most important I made contact with people who had common ground...

I met US Veteran owned businesses.  I met people who were working to help Veterans create businesses.  I met people who’s businesses were based in health like mine (JUUVA).  I met people who’s businesses needed copywriters.  All because I put myself out there.  How?  I bought a table and engaged people as they came along.

What will you do to promote your business?  Last year I sat at a table that belonged to the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  I did promote my business but it confused people.  I was at a table for the Chamber.

You have to define for your audience --- Who You Are!

Ready to find Common Ground?

The Seven Steps in Network Relating

Here are the following steps that will ensure you create common ground:

  1. Tell your audience what your business is about in a short explanation (in less than 30 seconds).
  2. Talk to them conversationally as if they were someone you knew dearly. 
  3. Connect with them on a topic that you share and expound with a short personal story.
  4. Get them to tell you a personal story and listen intently.
  5. Continue the conversation but don’t wear it out.  Relate as much as possible.
  6. Exchange information – business cards, sign up list, anything that can keep you in contact.
  7. Follow up (most important).  Contact them to see what you can do for each other.

Identifying yourself at a convention-type networking event is as easy as putting up signage.  You can even have a flyer on your table, detailing what your business is about.  Most important – engage, tell them about your business.

Excited Yet Calm

Talk to them like a best friend or family member.  Do not pitch them over and over again.  So many have a goal of selling up front and moving on.  This alienates everyone except those who are trying to sell you.  Plant the seeds of building a relationship to make it grow.

Find common ground in your conversation.  Is there something in what they do or say that relates to you in a special way?  The more it identifies with you personally the better.  Use this to tell a story about yourself relating to that subject matter.  Do not take up a lot of time as...

You want them to talk.  Get more information from them that you can use to connect.  Listen carefully and take mental notes.  Write them down when you get free time.  Do you close them then?  No.  You’re building a relationship.

Let them keep talking if they have more stories or information about their business.  But don’t you keep talking and taking up their time.  Know when you’ve said enough and got enough information from them.  Sometimes it’s great to find someone you enjoy talking to but you must move on.  Don’t make yourself a pest.  Both of you must value your time.

The Connection Formula

You should have a list at your table to stay in touch with your prospect or contact.  That or exchange business cards.  Tell them that you are looking forward to talking again.

Follow up is key.  Do not contact them that same day or the next day.  Some will even tell you they’re not available that week because of other engagements.  Do not wait more than a week to contact them unless they specify they won’t be in.  The most non-intrusive is email.  Phone calls usually have a gate-keeper (assistant) whose purpose is to block immediate contact.

Use phone calls when email’s aren’t getting a response.  Direct contact can happen if there is no assistant.

How did I find common ground at the Largest Mixer?

My Networking Event Story

Being there?  I had a table near the door!  I got to share my knowledge with people looking for a copywriter.  I got to share health products that I’m distributing.  I met people I had something in common with while walking around on a break.  One contact was on my way back from the men’s room.  All you have to do is be there and relate.

I had stories.  This is your most powerful tool in getting to know people.  Use it.

Start looking into events.  Don’t know where to find them.  Search online or keep in contact with a networking group who knows when those events will be happening.  You’ve got to invest both in people and with capital as with any advertisement.  That’s what creates success.

Once again, here are the steps to finding common ground:

  • Tell your ideal person at an event what your business is about in short
  • Talk to them like a best friend or family member (good family members please
  • Connect with them on a shared interest and expound with your short story
  • Get them to share and listen intently (taking mental notes to remember
  • Continue the conversation but don’t go overboard in relatin Exchange information – business cards, sign up list, etc.
  • Follow up – with email or phone within the week or when they’re available

Missed the Largest Mixer or any other networking event.  Come to the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch to practice your networking skills.  You may be pleasantly surprised with your results.  See you there.

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