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My Cancer Scare

10/26/2018 9:20 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

Cancer is in my family--my mother had colon cancer, late brother and maternal uncle had prostate cancer, another brother has lymphoma, and a sister is a breast cancer survivor. A mass was revealed on my annual Mammogram in 2009. My doc said it was small and decided to keep an eye on it.

In August 2014 my Mammo showed that the mass doubled, prompting my doctor into action. It grew sometime between the 2013 and 2014 screens, which is no surprise to me given the amount of distress I experienced with the deaths of my mother, sister-in-law, and brother in a short period of time. Another Mammo, Ultra Sound and Biopsy were ordered. It felt like I spent so much time at the diagnostic center that one chair had my name on it. Ironically, the Biopsy was on April 1st.

The only thing I will say about the Biopsy is that whoever invented the procedure was sadistic, psychotic or both. I mean who would think of inserting a jumbo metal straw with pointed end into the breast? Thankfully though, the mass disappeared after the first extraction (3-5 were planned) and the result was normal.

Why am I sharing something soooo personal? Because health matters! I strongly believe that prevention, early detection, and early intervention save lives. I do not want to wake up to stage 4 or 5 of anything. I am sharing this because I want all of us to do our part and manage what we can. Sure, genes are important but so is lifestyle. We do have choices.

Health has always been very important to me so I take a proactive approach to my overall wellbeing. I get annual exams and labs. And I strive to balance work, play, rest, nutrition, and activity. Last April I added daily doses of USANA's mega antioxidants, fish oil, and other supplements. Then I added USANA's Proflavanol in September to give my immune system that extra boost and to put any potential disease on notice that it will have to fight for survival in my body. Every Mammogram has been clean since. My labs are perfect. 

I implore you to take preventive measures for your health--get a physical and labs. Then follow up with education and treatment if any stage of disease is discovered. While the process can be frightening, avoidance causes more pain for self and loved ones. The opposite is a possibility could learn that you are in good health already. Get screened because Health Matters!

Glen Alex, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
Living In Total Health (available in hardcover and ebook)


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