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Human Interest

09/16/2018 8:15 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

When I think of Human Interest, I conceptualize the realization of potential. That word is thrown around a lot yet few recognize when it has been reached. While many are told by teachers, mentors, and therapists that they have “potential”, we can overlook it.  We humans are born with gifts and talents capable of uplifting the world. Singers voice human longings and greatness and love. Artists express the powerful unseen. Regular folk spread love on a daily basis.

Miss Aretha unearthed the “Natural Woman”. Thomas Kinkade illuminated the soul via light on canvas. My late brother Kenny spread safety to every construction worker he supervised—no one was injured under Kenny’s supervision in his 25-year career.

Aretha’s voice, Thomas’ brush, and Kenny’s caring are innate gifts. And they chose to use those gifts to benefit humanity. The potential of such gifts deepen connections to self and others and tap into the unconditional, everlasting love from whence we all come.

As we strive individually to reach our own potential (hopefully), how about we take joy in the achievement of others?  How about empathizing with the positive? You see, empathy is seeing yourself in another person’s shoes. And empathy is not only about compassion when someone is in pain or having a hard time. It is also available when positive and loving things happen.

We can bask in the appreciation when someone we know does great things for themselves, their family, society, and the world at large, and see ourselves achieving something similar that is in line with our True Selves and individuality.

That is the “interest” part for me. The premium, added value, of reaching one’s potential is the acceptance of and celebration by others who recognize that they too can achieve such heights and uplift us all. For when one of us accomplishes something great for the world, it elevates us all and opens the door even further for everyone else to do the same.

So my point is…respect, love, and accept when someone you know does great things to bring all of us to a higher level of existence. And know that you can do the same whether you sing, paint, or care.

Glen Alex, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
Author of Living In Total Health
Host of The Glen Alex Show

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