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08/27/2018 9:18 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)


    The present moment, now, is the only opportunity we have to connect with reality, make the most appropriate decisions, and step toward health. When unPresent, our minds, bodies, and hearts are out of sync with any higher good.
   Instead, such mindlessness indicates a lack of self control that can prove problematic and indeed harmful to self and others. One example is I burned my forearm recently on my George Foreman grill. I opened the lid to check my chicken breasts and saw that they were done. Then I reached to unplug it while looking the other direction to grab a plate. OUCH! My arm hit the edge of the grill.
   Had I been present and mindful by watching my hand move toward the plug, I would’ve seen how close I was to the grill and adjusted. However, the pain and skin damage are useful reminders to pay attention to the most mundane and habitual tasks.
   Another example of being unPresent can have far worse consequences, including death. Distracted driving has increased exponentially in recent years with busy-ness and the cell phone—apps...texts...calls...videos...messaging…get my drift?        
   More and more motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers who attend to their gizmos and food, and not the road. I was recently hit by a distracted driver which resulted in serious injury. Being unPresent not only leads to unhealthy and harmful choices because they are based on the past or the future and only create more of the same, it can kill.
   The CDC reports that daily over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Distractions are taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off the wheel, and taking your mind off of driving. The CDC also estimates that driver error [distraction] causes 94% of car accidents.  

With modern technology distractions have increased from crying babies, spilt coffee to texting, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, selfies and videos while driving.  The important thing to remember while driving is look at the ‘big picture’.  We have become a fast pace society where offensive drivers who try to get from point A to B as fast as they can along with the many modern day distractions have become a danger on the roads.  It’s important to be a defensive driver looking at the actions of others, where they are and what they are doing, ‘the big picture’ to ensure that you and your loved ones get to your desired destination safely.”

David Hale, Insurance Agent

    As a society, it is essential we break the bad habit of being unPresent and hurting others. Recommendations of the National Safety Council include turning the phone off in the car, speaking up when someone you’re riding with uses their phone, and pull over and park if a call is absolutely necessary. I suggest ride share if you drink or need to use technology during travel.
   We can do better to put an end to preventable injury and deaths. While driving, eliminate distractions and be present!

Learn more about how Presence is connected to Total Health in Living In Total Health. Available on Amazon and Feel free to message me re: speaking and coaching.

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