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7 Steps in Writing an Effective Profile

08/18/2018 7:26 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

Grab Them Now With What You Need to Say Or They’re Gone

Have you ever wondered, is there a way to get more people to notice my business.  Maybe you believe you get plenty of business.  That’s called being comfortable.  There are a lot of people in dead end jobs who are comfortable.

Improving and progressing takes a personal challenge.  You’ve got to take that first step.  Are you ready?

Who is Reading?

A profile can be read by anybody.  You want that person who is super interested while also wanting to buy and buy and buy.  You want his immediate attention and hold it until he is ready to act.

Your fellow businesses owners may know this person and refer him to your profile.

Here are the following steps that will ensure attraction:

1. Tell the reader who you are (your business) in terms of what he is looking for to solve his biggest problem.

2. Talk to him as someone who understands his key problem.

3. Make the promise (careful here) that you can help to solve his problem.

4. Describe your key features – not too many – in how they can work for him.

5. Explain the main benefit and supporting benefits in a dimensional way he can experience in his mind.

6. Give all of your contact information so they can reach you.

7. Close with a short reminder of what you can do for them.

You Do What?

When identifying your business, think about that one person you want to relate to in your introduction.  Your company is the solution to his biggest problem.  Let him know that’s your purpose.

Relate to him on his key problem.  Maybe you haven’t had his problem but that’s your specialty.  You still have an understanding of what he is going through.  Use empathy to connect.

Making a promise is tricky in Health & Fitness as people are different.  What works for one – may not with another.  It’s best to promise what you will do to help solve his problem and not specific results.  Not promising anything, gives him nothing.

I Get What?

You need to detail your features but not too many.  You want a short list (maybe 2 to 5) of the features that are important in the process of solving the key problem.  A long list may overwhelm the reader and challenge your credibility.  Let him know how the features specifically work.

Show the main benefit to the key problem in a real life situation.  Don’t explain it in professional terms.  This goes for your added benefits also.  Examples: You may breathe so easy you can smell your garden again.  You’ll want to walk a mile down a dirt road.  Let him envision the possible benefit.

Where Do I Go Now?

Don’t forget your contact information: phone, website, etc.

Remind him one more time in a brief summary what you can do for them.  He will probably read that first when scanning the page.  Don’t leave it out.


I suggest you don’t put in the following information:

  • The history of your company – this isn’t a press release
  • Testimonials or endorsements – these will be on your website
  • Hard Selling – this can chase your reader away as your being obvious
  • Overtly bragging about your business, product/service or yourself
  • Unnecessary statistics or added facts that bloat your profile – get to the point

The added information above will overload your profile and make it less readable.

You can finish with a Thank You for him taking the time to read your profile.  Good luck.  Thank you for reading my blog.

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