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What’s In A Chamber Membership For Me?

08/10/2018 4:13 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

More Than Just Being A Member

My Grandfather owned a Shoe Store in Modesto, California.  He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  Yet, he was more than that.  My Grandfather was on the Downtown Merchants with the father of George Lucas (Star Wars).  He was involved in Kiwanis and Lions Club.

Growing up I went to pancake breakfasts, local parades and other community events.  People would stop my grandfather on the street to talk to him.  I wish I had told my grandfather while he was still alive, I was proud of him.  Instead I was in awe.

My Grandfather took part in helping the community – but he also networked.  Local politicians visited him at his store.  Why?  Because he was a respected and influential voice in the business community.

Have you ever wanted that?

A Part of the Community

You get more as a Chamber Member than just being listed and recognized.  You communicate with fellow business members to help your business and the community.  You keep abreast of news that can affect your business.  You help your community when it needs you most, including fellow businesses.  That’s what gets you credibility and respect.

Besides, it feels good when someone you first meet already knows your name.

What does this do for your bottom line?  The community is your bottom line.  Future customers are waiting for you at Chamber events.  Don’t believe me?  Try attending one and say hello to an attendee.  You may see me there.

An Advocate

The Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce goes to bat for you in City, County and State Government.  Fellow members can be affected by taxes and regulations just like you.  You have more clout with your fellow Chamber members.

You remember that old saying, “You can’t fight City Hall.”  Not alone.


You as a member have a number of benefits that can advance your business:

  • **Access to members only discounts**
  • Networking opportunities from businesses who can help your business or non-profit
  • Networking opportunities from non-profits who can help your business
  • Receive Chamber Newsletters to keep you up to date
  • Promotion and Publicity that gets seen not only by customers but other businesses
  • Acquiring customer referrals

In all, The Chamber increases your businesses visibility in the community.  That’s advertising you can afford.

Health & Fitness for the Community

What is it we need most in Las Vegas?  Our visitors will say, “Fun!”  But many of us suffer from desert allergies.  Our seniors have difficulties, especially if they have a pre-existing medical condition.  Others just want an attractive appearance or to feel better.  The biggest problem is to stay healthy or overcome disease.

I overcame cancer.  That’s why Health & Fitness is a passion of mine.

Your Health & Fitness based businesses are important to our community.  Without you, we lose options...and hope.  Help make our Las Vegas a healthier place to live.

Your Legacy in the Chamber

Before my Grandfather retired and closed the doors to his business, customers all over town came to his store.  They weren’t there to say good-bye.  They begged him not to leave them.  Both my Grandfather and my Grandmother were all choked up.

Can you tell me you don’t want that?

Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Make a difference for your business and the community.

OUR MISSION (since 2013)

To promote a strong, healthy Las Vegas through a collaboration of health-conscious businesses, educators and individuals.


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