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  • 03/16/2020 1:55 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Fear is a gift. Yes, it is a present for you, albeit unwrapped and bowless. Such accessories are unnecessary, however, when the gift is life-saving. Fear saves lives. Rational fear, that is.

    Emotional Intelligence 101: emotions are messengers. There is important “data that resides below consciousness…carried by way of emotions, the messenger that delivers the information about a situation. The emotion wants our attention and points to an issue that needs to be acknowledged and/or addressed.” Living In Total Health

    Fear is the human alarm system. We are made with this internal alert when harm or danger are imminent. Without it, our ancestors would not have survived dinosaurs or natural disasters. When we are at risk, fear flares. It should. It is normal. Such risks include threats of bodily harm and death. The experience of fearing the unknown is also normal. Rational.

    However, being afraid of non-threats to life and limb is irrational. Skin color, gender identification, and economic status are just a few of the unreasonable fears we voluntarily evoke. The phrase ‘making a mountain out of molehill’ comes to mind. We conjure up this powerful emotion needlessly, desensitizing ourselves to its actual purpose.

    The function of fear is to alert us when an imminent attack is near. Fear ushers physiological resources to essential body functions which heighten senses and energize us to act. In the face of fear, we must decide how to respond to the threat.

    Your choices in the face of danger are fight, flee, or freeze. Do you stand your ground in effort to protect yourself, family, property? Is it safer to run away? Or does overwhelm paralyze and stop you in your tracks. Interestingly, the body responds the same way to rational and irrational fear. The consequences, however, are divergent.

    I hope you can see the difference between the two. Rational fear is an innate response designed to protect you from harm, to generate decisions and actions that protect you from being hurt; the outcome is appropriate. On the other hand, irrational fear is a figment of your imagination. There is no imminent threat to body, limb, property, family. This figment is all about a very distant negative possibility, i.e. your past or what if? Irrational fear results in undue harm to self or others, possibly criminal and immoral behavior.

    Politicians profit from irrational fear. Manipulators profit from irrational fear. Scammers profit from irrational fear. Society suffers from irrational fear. Humanity loses.

    Instead of reacting to any fear with a knee-jerk reaction, choices and actions solely designed to remove the fear and not address the underlying problem, stop. Assess the situation with the critical mind you were blessed with. Is it real? Is it a threat in this moment in time? Can I die? Will loved ones be harmed? Then ask yourself what you can control. We always have control of our choices.

    If your assessment of the situation is negative regarding threats to life and limb, breathe and focus on what you can control. Sometimes the available options are not optimal. Still, you have control over what you choose. The basic issue with irrational fear is feeling out of control. Yet you do have control over which available option you choose.

    Imposing your irrational fears on others by choosing to spew hate and stereotypes is inappropriate and wrong. No one is responsible for how you respond to anything. You are. So again, assess the situation. If the fear messages imminent danger, then respond with the fight, flight, or freezing options—allow your intuition to guide you.

    If your fear is irrational, then please breathe and focus on the present moment to recognize that you are not in imminent danger of harm or death. And fear not so much.

    Glen Alex, LCSW, LMT, USPTA
    Author, Health Skills Coach, Speaker, Show Host

  • 01/27/2020 8:33 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    We narrow-minded and egocentric humans believe that only the old and infirm die.

    Wrong we are.

    As sad as the loss of a parent or elderly person is, the truth is that anyone can die at any time. Yes, the old and infirm do mother, father, sister-in-law, cousin, and 2 brothers just in the last 10 years.

    Yet the young also leave sooner than we think they should, sooner than we are ready for them to. I am reminded of this because of the sudden death of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. He was 41, she 13. Both healthy.

    Life is precious. 

    There is no room for ego-based drama. No time for foolishness. No space for abuse or disrespect. Stop squandering the gift of breath with B.S.

    Do take advantage of opportunities to become the best version of yourself, to share your innate gifts, to express authentic love.

    The old and infirm are not the only ones who die. Live your life to the fullest before it's your time.

    Glen Alex
    Author, LCSW, Health Skills Coach

  • 01/14/2020 8:52 AM | Katie Waechter (Administrator)

    Let’s face it, there is a lot of misinformation found online these days. Let’s look at the numbers: NY Magazine reports, “Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human.” With so much misinformation and bot spam out there, it becomes even more important to establish your brand as a go-to authority source for your patients and clients. This means giving them credible content to consume on a regular basis. Once you establish your authority in your space, your audience will come back again and again to learn more. without the name of a big hospital or health system behind you, how do you build credibility with your target audience? Let’s look at these tips

    How to Establish Your Credibility in the Health Care Space

    Stop using medical jargon to talk to consumers

    Regular people don’t understand what most of those medical terms mean, and they won’t relate to what you’re saying if they can’t understand most of it. This is especially important when it comes to writing content meant to be consumed online. The average person with back pain is going to search for the term, “back pain,” not the term, “Cervical Disc Herniation.” Keep your blogs understandable and relatable. When you do use medical jargon, explain what it means so people understand what you’re saying.  

    Keep it local

    The idea of getting our recent article posted on the Wall Street Journal is exciting, but it may not be that effective for bringing in new business for your health-related company. Amendola Communications reports that “consumers prefer to get healthcare within a 5-mile radius of where they live or work.” For that reason, it’s a good idea to think local when developing marketing materials and spending ad money for your business. Focus on getting your content in front of the people who will be most likely to use your services first, the national credit will follow suit if your brand is good. 

    Write and share credible content 

    Creating content, such as blogs, ebooks, emails, presentations, speeches, etc. will show the world your authority and credibility in your area of expertise - as long as you create credible content. To ensure your content is credible, you want to keep your sources high-authority and be transparent about it (don’t plagiarize). Consider where your sources are coming from during this process: Do you trust the source? Is it biased? Are their ads on the page (if it’s an internet source)? Does the source have research to back up its claims? How good is the research? 

    Patients are more likely to share information, open up about personal problems, and follow the advice of healthcare professionals that they trust. When you spend the time creating and sharing credible information that helps your patients or clients and keeps you top of mind, that’s a win-win in our book. 

    If you are looking to connect with other health-related business in Las Vegas, consider joining the LV Health and Fitness Chamber. For assistance writing high quality content for your audience, reach out to Katie with Watch Media Group to learn more about the different types of written content you can offer your audience. 


  • 12/31/2019 7:25 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Avatar

    An Audience of One – Not Everyone

    This past week I was visiting my sister in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I wore my Las Vegas Golden Knights Cap and Golden Nugget sweater into US Pizza Company.  Why?  I was hoping people would ask me, “Are you from Las Vegas?”  As it turned out, no one cared.  Young adults now (millennials) care only about their mundane lives.

    The hospitality of the South is gone.  Or is it?

    25 years earlier, I could walk into a Little Rock establishment and wow people about living in Los Angeles.  I could tell them how I worked for Playboy at that time.  I had eyes bugging out (sometimes tongues).  But I didn’t have that intent.  I wasn’t looking for a reaction.  I was talking to that person about my experiences.  I was telling stories to another human being.

    When you’re not looking for mass appeal and you’re targeting your audience, it increases the response.

    You know when you’ve been caught talking at a friend or family member.  Imagine that happening in your business.  You see people glance away, give you a blank look, or simply excuse themselves and walk away.  You think, “They’re rude.”

    The Mentor

    I’m a distinguished Toastmaster.  I’ve spoken at events.  Yes, you’ve probably heard me speak at Chamber Networking meetings.  We all can make that mistake talking about our products and services.  You can get carried away with your expertise.  But do you talk enough to your audience like a friend or family member?  Do you CARE?

    That’s the role of a Mentor.  You take a protégé (student) by the hand and lead them to a better way.  You want someone to put their trust in you.  But who is that someone.  They’re not anyone.  That’s the biggest mistake in marketing.

    No one knows who you’re talking to when you’re shouting to the crowd.  And they all walk away.

    If you want to help somebody, if you want to get somebody to buy – you have to know who they are to talk to them.

    The Protégé

    I mentor this one Toastmaster, Gary, who has done some great attention getting actions when he speaks.  Gary has run from the back of the room to the stage.  He has thrown sneakers, jumped up on the conference table, dumped a bowl of change.  The other Toastmasters look at me like, “What is he doing?”

    But when he speaks, it’s actually to himself.  Not everybody else has his problem.

    I asked him, “Who are you talking to?”

    The answer he gave was, “Everyone.”

    This is why the others thought he was far out.  His antics were more remembered than the content.  But when he told a story about himself, his struggle and gave his opposing characters a voice – the audience related.  And this was by accident.

    What if you related to your one audience member?  What if you spoke to them on a personal level?  Would they remember you better than your product?  Would they trust you?  That’s what you should be trying to achieve.

    People Relate to People

    A person doesn’t relate to a thing.  Unless, you’re Marlon Brando talking to Wally Cox’s urn.  Even then, he was talking to his deceased best friend.  The product doesn’t have a trust factor.  You do.

    People will buy outlandish products because of wild claims.  But once they’ve been cheated, they’re that much more guarded on buying anything.  Do you ignore them?  Push them to the side?  No, you win them over and treat them right.  That’s where a long and fruitful relationship can begin.

    You need to be the Mentor that will change their life.  You have to develop a relationship with that one particular person that represents your audience.  The conversation needs to be as if it were one on one.  Here’s how it works...

    Your 5 Point Avatar Breakdown

    You have to picture this person (avatar) in your mind.  You need to give him a name so that your subconscious knows you are talking to him and how to talk to him.  This breakdown will give you a better picture of who he is.

    Use this to build your avatar:

    1. What does he want? – success, better health, love, safety, relief > narrow it down if possible
    2. What is his biggest problem or what’s standing in his way?
    3. Does he have a nemesis? – Is there an outside force that is against him?
    4. Do you share the same experience as your avatar and what is it exactly?
    5. Put a face and a history to your avatar – his story.

    What Keeps Him Up At Night

    Understand that desire exactly and you have his undivided attention.  People who want to achieve something want to hear from someone who knows what they’re going through.  How do you convey that?  With a story.  Tell him from your own experience or from someone you know.

    Putting together your avatar from the information above will give you a voice that you’re new friend will understand.  He’ll feel that he’s known you all along.

    Develop your avatar and bring him to a Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch.  Tell us you’re story, his story and see how it goes over.

    Your Friend / Your Customer

    Don’t let a rewarding relationship slip away.  Create new ones focusing on all of them as if they were one person.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 12/13/2019 8:22 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I am compelled to share this. If you are politically biased or have issues with death, then please don’t read any further.

    In this climate of division and open prejudice, I am happy to share a loving experience amongst diverse peoples.

    My sister Vern, the matriarch of my immediate family since my mother’s transition in 2010, raved about the Converse, TX Police Department. You see, Vern flew to Converse on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 to care for our brother Ray because he had been really ill. When she arrived that night, he didn’t answer the door bell nor his home or cell phone.

    Through a series of family calls and Ray’s non-response, I decided a Wellness Check was in order. However, I paused at that decision because of the rash of recently reported police shootings of black people, especially in their own homes. This is a crazy consideration in “the land of the free”. Yet I, a clinical social worker with a profound understanding of human nature, a champion of the Human Spirit, and humanitarian was afraid about the trend in police-black person interaction. This should not be. And anyone who does not experience this pause is privileged.

    Still, I made the call because Ray’s condition and Vern being stranded in an unfamiliar environment at night were far more important than dogma. The intake person was compassionate and patient with me as I fought through tears to explain the situation. She said police would be dispatched immediately and would call me with an update.

    I was struck by the questions the intake person did not ask. She did not ask for my brother’s name or description nor my sister’s name or description. She only asked for the address and the circumstances. So the police were dispatched to check on, not a race or stereotype, rather a person in possible distress.

    An eternity passed. It seemed like hours since I spoke with anyone. Finally, Vern called me. My brother’s neighbors were kind enough to take her in. One allowed Vern to use their phone to call her son and me. Later, another neighbor allowed my sister to charge her phone in their home while the police completed their work. 

    The police gained entry into Ray’s home and found him. Because of policy, they didn’t allow Vern inside. However, the police drove her to the nearest hotel, offered to carry her bags to her room, and were compassionate with me during the follow up call from an officer. More than that, they returned to Ray’s home afterward to secure the door they had to bust to gain entry. 

    Who does that? And why don’t we hear more about the police officers who actually protect and serve? Yes, there are bad seeds in police departments, as there are in all industries. And please believe that I’ve had my negative experiences with police. My stance is that police training needs to involve more than profiling and shooting. Training needs to include the meaning of service and the dismissal of psychologically unfit candidates.

    How about we as a nation forego isms and focus on and honor what binds us? Yes Rodney, we all can get along. Just be human.

    Glen Alex
    Host of The Glen Alex Show
    Author of Living In Total Health
    Health & Wellness Coach

  • 12/03/2019 6:36 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Starting With The Product

    It’s more than “What is it?” and “What does it do?”

    My sister went to a house party for a network-marketing product – weight loss coffee.  Julie is a sales professional in an office furniture and supply company.  She has served people since she worked in restaurants at a young age all the way to manager.  The daughter of a master salesman and granddaughter of two business owners, my sister knows her business.

    My sister is also a tad overweight.  She asked the people running the meeting, “Where’s your product?”

    A squirrely woman answered, “It’s not about the product.  It’s about the business.”

    My sister walked out.  Our family has been in the network marketing business since I was a kid.  Julie knew that what makes a networking business successful is an exceptional product and distributors that understood how to convey it.

    My late grandmother sold Amway.  But her key product, leading to any other up-sell, was SWIPE.  It was an all-purpose cleaner that wiped out any stain.  She knew what it was and demonstrated what it could do.  But there was also a vision.  She would lay out the benefits of what they could accomplish with that squirt bottle that made them feel they had to have it.

    One of my cousins stockpiled her garage with Amway products and was always able to liquidate it, until they shipped products directly.  She was a moneymaker because she could create the same vision with each product.  My mother was in Tupperware.  My uncle was in so many companies we called him the family King of Network Marketing.

    Without the products that move the company, network marketing is a scam.

    The Evolution of a Revolution

    It’s not just network marketing companies with a greedy and ignorant up-line.  Traditional mail order and brick and mortar companies have the same problem.  No one trying to move the product is excited about it.  Not even the owner.  He feels that it should sell itself.  If not, he seeks a bale out.

    You need to know your product to convey its value.

    “I know it’s a squirt bottle with a formula cleaner...”

    No!  It’s more than that.  It has to be emerging.  Different than what your competition has.  Something that will change the life of your prospect.  That’s what a revolution does.  It creates change.  That change keeps evolving into a better experience and an improved you.

    How does one measly little product do that?  And how does one product lead to the sale of more products?  That first key product becomes the forerunner of gaining your customer’s trust.  For a product to do all that, you have to gain believers.

    An American Legend in Marketing

    The worse and yet the best example is that Old West scoundrel – the Snake Oil Salesman.

    We’re talking about one of the biggest scammers in American History.  Yet, he knew his product even if it was a fake.  The key to moving his elixir was getting people to believe.  He had every feature, every benefit, every scenario (story) that could have someone imagining what it could do for them.  Yes he even made up testimonials.

    He knew what those people wanted and created something – that wasn’t real but sold.

    There was no up-sell after that as he left town before getting caught.  But could you imagine this.  What could happen if the product really does what your customer wants?  Then it sells itself over and over again.  That’s where the up-sells come in.  If they’re just as effective, they sell over and over again.

    The Snake Oil Salesman’s method is brilliant.  Unfortunately, he’s a scammer because there is no real product.  Do you truly know your product?  You have one key product that can lead to your own success.

    It’s time to map out what your product is...

    Your 7 Point Product Breakdown

    There is more than, “What is it?” and “What does it do?”  You have to line up in your mind how it can change your prospect’s life and make him a believer.  Not just with getting him to buy but using your product to gain his trust with its success.

    Here is your list for convincing yourself in your mind first:

    1. What makes up your product? – it’s origin, ingredients and reason for it coming into being.
    2. What exactly in detail does it do? – knowing the basics that can be expounded on into a bigger dream.
    3. What are the features, key and supporting, that make it work?
    4. What are the benefits for your customer? – Not just results but how they change your customer’s life.
    5. What has it done for you and why do you love it? – Can’t answer the question?  Don’t sell the product.
    6. How has it helped anyone else? – The stories of others will not only inspire you but your prospects.
    7. Do you believe in it? – Those that do are excited and build excitement in others.

    Product Interest Game Plan

    Do you know anyone who sells a product they don’t use?  I’ve known a lot of them.  Most have failed.  Why?

    They don’t care and only want to make a buck.

    They don’t even have the resolve to work like the Snake Oil Salesman.  They hope the product, whatever it is, will sell itself.  It’s not just being lazy.  It’s not believing.  How do you become a believer?  By using the product you own or sell.  You are your own best testimonial.

    Remember the Hair Club For Men President?  He was also a client.  He used the product and loved the change it made for him.  His desire was to help other balding men regain their hair.  Not only regain their hair – but regain their attraction, masculinity, and youth.  Believing in your product is powerful.  That’s what makes your prospect believe.

    Do you believe in your product?  Can you believe in your product?  If the answer is no, stop reading this blog.

    The Prophet of Your Product

    Every major religion, every major business, every major cause organization uses belief.  You have to believe yourself what your product can do for others.  You don’t have to stand on a mountain and yell.  You now have You-Tube.  But you do have to feel strongly about your product.

    The next time you want to test your own belief, talk to a friend or family member.  See how they react?  Be yourself but don’t be afraid to be animated.  Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings.  Don’t think to yourself that loving your product is corny.  Say to yourself, “It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it.”

    Need someone else to test on?  Come to a Chamber networking event.  We’re always there to help each other.

    I was with a friend of mine when he approached a sales associate in Office Depot.  He asked him where he could find designed paper for resumes.  The sales associate said, “I have no idea.”  He then walked off.  My friend didn’t let it go.  He reported the guy to the store manager, who apologized.  The sales associate was later fired.

    Don’t get yourself fired or fire yourself.  Learn to love your product.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 11/24/2019 10:12 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    We are facing some pretty stressful times. Locally, socially, and globally events filled with hate and isms occur far too much. So this is a call to the Keepers of the Light, the wellthy ones, to spread love and joy and healing on individual levels so collectively we can overwhelm the darkness. The daily tasks of keeping the light include...

    1. Smiling

    2. Making eye contact

    3. Acts of kindness

    ¨ Holding a door open
    ¨ Saying Thank you
    ¨ Saying Please
    ¨ Saying You’re welcome
    ¨ Being honest

    4. Behaving with integrity

    5. Seeking to understand the opposition

    6. Seeing the person rather than skin color, culture, or religion

    7. Managing self for the greater good

    We have the power. We have the love. We have the light. We have the responsibility.

    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

    Martin Luther King, Jr. 

    “We may not have the power to create the world we want immediately, but we can all start working on the long term today.”
    —Mark Zuckerberg, Cofounder and CEO of Facebook

    Glen Alex, Author, LCSW
    Host of The Glen Alex Show
    Speaker, Coach

  • 11/02/2019 5:36 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I wrote this article in 2013. And six years later, it still holds true.
    Self-Reflection is the vehicle to personal growth and development. 



    In my perennial pursuit of knowledge and understanding of life, sometimes I hit a brick wall. The Universe has me on a need-to-know basis and not everything known is available to me when I want to know it. Those times remind me to slow my roll and revisit what I already know. Patience beckons me to step back and allow life to unfold before me. Reflection is in order.

    A mirror captures an image and returns it in kind, allowing for an objective review of what cannot be seen with the internal eye. As egocentric creatures we humans tend to focus on ourselves and see only what we think and feel, demanding the world conform to our wants. The mirror provides an opportunity to be outside of ourselves while observing ourselves to learn, to grow.

    As I observe me from afar, my reflection produces random yet meaningful memories and feelings and thoughts and impulses that flood my being. Most of them are not comforting and many evoke fear, sadness or anger.

    Sorting through the perturbation is difficult, slow. No easy answers. No nicely packaged insights. No life-changing sound bites. Alas, what now?

    Quiet. Patience. What I already know is that time reveals all things; time heals all wounds. The task is to remain calm as the unfolding takes place, to process the anguish peacefully and learn from it. What helps the most are stillness, massage, breath.

    This holiday season is a perfect time for reflection. We already review how good we’ve been all year to assess the quality of the gifts we should get. So it’s an easy ask to take a little extra time to review the whole you. This doesn't mean isolation and meditation for hours, nor does it mean shunning responsibilities.

    Reflection, quite simply, involves allowing the mind to wonder and stream mental activity without attachment or judgment. Ah, simple; not easy. Strength and trust are required to see the good and icky without blaming self or others. It takes courage to face our wrongs and trust that we’ll be ok despite our faults weaknesses. Also, it takes clarity to recognize the genuine good we’ve done.

    The objectivity of reflection is most important because it is the vehicle for understanding our choices and actions and consequences, and how we can do better for ourselves, loved ones, society.

    Reflection has shown me my critical errors, my unresolved pain, my unrealistic expectations, and my possibilities. I now reflect and what I need to know will be revealed, in time. 


    Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health (2 editions), Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, and Health & Wellness Coach. Glen offers complimentary health & wellness consultations. To schedule yours, contact |

  • 09/26/2019 12:14 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Most Powerful Way To Relate and Convert

    Last Thursday, I was at the Largest Mixer here in Las Vegas.  It’s held at the Dallas Ballroom at Texas Station Hotel Casino once a year.  The objective, like any other networking event, is to make contact with someone who can help your business.  This can be by referral, partnering or buying of your product/service.

    I met so many more people this year.  Most important I made contact with people who had common ground...

    I met US Veteran owned businesses.  I met people who were working to help Veterans create businesses.  I met people who’s businesses were based in health like mine (JUUVA).  I met people who’s businesses needed copywriters.  All because I put myself out there.  How?  I bought a table and engaged people as they came along.

    What will you do to promote your business?  Last year I sat at a table that belonged to the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  I did promote my business but it confused people.  I was at a table for the Chamber.

    You have to define for your audience --- Who You Are!

    Ready to find Common Ground?

    The Seven Steps in Network Relating

    Here are the following steps that will ensure you create common ground:

    1. Tell your audience what your business is about in a short explanation (in less than 30 seconds).
    2. Talk to them conversationally as if they were someone you knew dearly. 
    3. Connect with them on a topic that you share and expound with a short personal story.
    4. Get them to tell you a personal story and listen intently.
    5. Continue the conversation but don’t wear it out.  Relate as much as possible.
    6. Exchange information – business cards, sign up list, anything that can keep you in contact.
    7. Follow up (most important).  Contact them to see what you can do for each other.

    Identifying yourself at a convention-type networking event is as easy as putting up signage.  You can even have a flyer on your table, detailing what your business is about.  Most important – engage, tell them about your business.

    Excited Yet Calm

    Talk to them like a best friend or family member.  Do not pitch them over and over again.  So many have a goal of selling up front and moving on.  This alienates everyone except those who are trying to sell you.  Plant the seeds of building a relationship to make it grow.

    Find common ground in your conversation.  Is there something in what they do or say that relates to you in a special way?  The more it identifies with you personally the better.  Use this to tell a story about yourself relating to that subject matter.  Do not take up a lot of time as...

    You want them to talk.  Get more information from them that you can use to connect.  Listen carefully and take mental notes.  Write them down when you get free time.  Do you close them then?  No.  You’re building a relationship.

    Let them keep talking if they have more stories or information about their business.  But don’t you keep talking and taking up their time.  Know when you’ve said enough and got enough information from them.  Sometimes it’s great to find someone you enjoy talking to but you must move on.  Don’t make yourself a pest.  Both of you must value your time.

    The Connection Formula

    You should have a list at your table to stay in touch with your prospect or contact.  That or exchange business cards.  Tell them that you are looking forward to talking again.

    Follow up is key.  Do not contact them that same day or the next day.  Some will even tell you they’re not available that week because of other engagements.  Do not wait more than a week to contact them unless they specify they won’t be in.  The most non-intrusive is email.  Phone calls usually have a gate-keeper (assistant) whose purpose is to block immediate contact.

    Use phone calls when email’s aren’t getting a response.  Direct contact can happen if there is no assistant.

    How did I find common ground at the Largest Mixer?

    My Networking Event Story

    Being there?  I had a table near the door!  I got to share my knowledge with people looking for a copywriter.  I got to share health products that I’m distributing.  I met people I had something in common with while walking around on a break.  One contact was on my way back from the men’s room.  All you have to do is be there and relate.

    I had stories.  This is your most powerful tool in getting to know people.  Use it.

    Start looking into events.  Don’t know where to find them.  Search online or keep in contact with a networking group who knows when those events will be happening.  You’ve got to invest both in people and with capital as with any advertisement.  That’s what creates success.

    Once again, here are the steps to finding common ground:

    • Tell your ideal person at an event what your business is about in short
    • Talk to them like a best friend or family member (good family members please
    • Connect with them on a shared interest and expound with your short story
    • Get them to share and listen intently (taking mental notes to remember
    • Continue the conversation but don’t go overboard in relatin Exchange information – business cards, sign up list, etc.
    • Follow up – with email or phone within the week or when they’re available

    Missed the Largest Mixer or any other networking event.  Come to the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch to practice your networking skills.  You may be pleasantly surprised with your results.  See you there.

  • 08/26/2019 9:19 AM | Katie Waechter (Administrator)

    Healthcare businesses are facing major changes in how they communicate with their patients and with the world. Communication is no longer left to insurance providers and mailers. People are taking a more active role in their healthcare, and they are doing the research to find the best options for them instead of relying on referrals. Most of this research is done online these days, and if your business isn’t building a presence and engaging your followers in a genuine way, you could be missing out on a huge portion of your audience. explains that, out of the estimated 97% of consumers searching for local businesses online, approximately 74% of them will use social media to help them make purchasing decisions. While doctors have historically been reluctant to adopt new communications technology, patients are ready to embrace their presence on social media as a trusted voice, according to Mobi Health News.

    Social media is not only a place for your audience to find you, it’s also a platform to share important clinical information, breaking research, and success stories with the world. Referral MD reports that, “More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health.” If your business is not on social media, it is not contributing to the conversation that is already taking place. Further, getting new patients can be highly competitive For many specialities, such as dentists and chiropractors. Attracting new patients is a challenge — one that social media can help solve.

    Now you know why it matters, but do you know what to do when it comes to social media for healthcare-related business? Business owners and marketing managers may find themselves wondering what to do first and what platforms to focus their marketing efforts? Follow these tips to get your healthcare social media game going in the right direction.

    Healthcare Social Media Tips and Tricks

    Audit Your Social Media

    Whether you already have a social media presence or your business is new to the social media world, the first step to getting social media working for your business is to perform a social media audit. This audit can tell you what’s working and what’s not working, where to focus your social media marketing efforts, and provide you details about your audience that you may not have known. 

    To properly perform a social media audit, remember to do the following:

    1. Analyze your reach, impressions, and engagement level on each post

    2. Compare posts to discover patterns showing what works and what doesn’t work

    3. Research follower demographics

    Develop a Marketing Strategy

    Social media marketing is a lot easier when you have a marketing strategy in place. This strategy tells you and your employees what to post and how often. Developing a strategy takes the guesswork out of the social media marketing game, making each one of your posts more intentional for your desired audience. 

    Consistency is Key

    People don’t want to go to a doctor that is not working consistently. They want to see a medical professional with experience, education, and credibility, all of which come with working consistently. If your business doesn’t stop providing value to patients and customers, why would you allow your business to be falsely represented on social media with inconsistent posting? Posting regularly shows the world, and your audience, that you are active, engaged, and plugged in with the world around you and your audience’s health-related wants and needs. 

    Remember HIPAA Compliance

    Did you know that “31% of healthcare organizations have specific social media guidelines in writing.” Why? Because it is crucial to have social media guidelines in place for your healthcare facility to ensure everyone is on the same page for ethical and legal reasons. Staff should be aware of their limitations and why those limitations exist so they don’t accidentally get your brand in trouble for HIPAA Violations or anything else compliance-related.  One rule of thumb to keep in mind is to use social media to communicate with patients about care, but don’t engage in doctor-patient relationships online.

    Healthcare Finance reports that, “It's no secret consumers are increasingly turning toward social media to make healthcare-related decisions.” Social media is no longer simply a marketing tool to gain new customers. Customer service, reputation management, transparency, and authenticity matter. They will affect the way people view your brand. Social media makes achieving excellent customer service and a reputation for being open and honest with your audience possible. In essence, social media matters to your healthcare business because social media is everywhere. Your patients are on social media talking about their healthcare. You should be there too, ready to be a credible source participating in an important conversation. 

    Written by Katie Waechter, with Watch Media Group.

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