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Helping Las Vegans Achieve Optimal Health
Helping Health Service Businesses Grow Influence

Health Services for the Public

Achieve Your Optimal Health!
Health Education & Services
from Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber Health Professionals

You’ll find help here whether you’re…

  • Just beginning your first personal health improvement program.
  • You’re a long-time athlete with a DIY approach to health.
  • Experiencing a barrier to your optimal health.
  • Facing a limit to your physical performance.
  • Want to recover from an injury faster and better.
  • Struggling with a substance abuse issue.
  • Seeking to overcome health issues with aging.
  • Doing well and want to do even better.

Find the help and support you need through a Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce qualified health professional. 

Support for Health Professionals

Grow Your Business, Knowledge, Skills,
Leadership Ability, Client Base and Revenue
Through The Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.

Here you’ll find…

  • A collaboration of health services businesses.
  • Networking and joint venturing opportunities.
  • Help accelerating your business growth, influence and success.
  • Valuable business and marketing training.
  • A powerful monthly mastermind.
  • The the opportunity to market one another’s services and products and earn generous affiliate commissions.
  • Associates who will market your products and services.

Has your business growth stalled or declined? Are you doing well and want to do better? You’ve come to the right place!

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Upcoming Event

Thursday, April 15th, 2021, 7:30pm

Member Spotlight


Focus on YOU and 
Your Business

Follow up on the questions we asked attendees during the April 1st Member Spotlight:

  1. How have the last 2 weeks brought you closer to achieving your most important next step business accomplishment?
  2. Who and what resources have been helpful to you along the way?
  3. What are your next steps toward the goal and why is this goal important to you?

Learn more and register…

Success Toolkit Training

Establishing and Updating Your Business Structure

Jonathan Marx, Chamber President

Business structure is something most business owners visit when they first form their business. After that, it’s in the rear view mirror.

Today we’ll learn the steps to form a business structure (LLC, Corp., Partnership, Non-Profit…etc.).

Then, we’ll go beyond that to explore when and how to review, tweak and take advantage of your business structure.

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The significant experience, dedication and desire of the Chamber leadership to grow member businesses is absolutely apparent!
Whether you have a product or service, the visibility, training, leadership opportunities and connections will help you and your business grow.
I've gained valuable training in business marketing, branding and writing. Members support each other and our efforts for company growth and prosperity.
The Chamber has been one of my most rewarding memberships in a professional or learned association. I highly recommend membership & participation.
Chamber leaders help you to be successful in your business, guiding how to use the latest technology to get noticed and drive potential clients to your website.
As President and Chair, Jonathan and I are so impressed with the quality of leaders and members which is the Chamber's true strength!
  1. Engage to get the most out of your Membership. Complete your Member Directory, attend meetings, connect with members.
  2. Hone your Skills. Apply the Success Toolkit, prepare an awesome business networking presentation, write a blog.
  3. Become a Chamber leader and gain the visibility and credibility which lead to profitability.
  4. Grow your Chamber to the membership tipping point at which business opportunity expands geometrically.

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