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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Blog, Member Tip | 0 comments

Too hot to workout in this sizzling Las Vegas heat?

workout-outdoorsHere we are in the midst of summer in Las Vegas and it is a hot one this year.  When it’s dreadful to even attempt to do a hike or a morning run in this heat, how do you keep your cool for the next 3 months while still maintaining a good level of fitness?

Welcome Ali Jividen’s Advocare and it’s arsenal of 80 supporting products.

For me personally, as much as I love the outdoors, I workout inside my garage early in the morning. Even then, with the heat, I need to be properly supported with my energy levels and hydration.  One product I can’t go without is Spark.  Spark is a unique blend of over 20 vitamins and minerals that work in a perfect synergy to provide ultimate energy and mental focus.  I drink it in lieu of coffee every morning 30 minutes before my workouts.

sparkSecond, I use Advocare Rehydrate. Rehydrate is a powder that you mix in in your water bottle and drink before, during and after workouts. I also like to drink in the Las Vegas summers anytime I’m outdoors – watching my son’s soccer games, cleaning my car and doing yard work. My son also prefers it during break times at his soccer games.  It’s a must have electrolyte replacement drink to get you through the hot summer.

Finally, who doesn’t love a fun trip to our new Wet N Wild water park?  All good right? Well not so much if you are concerned about the muffin top overhanging your bikini bottom or the spare tire around your swim trunks. If you are looking to lose some weight and overall feel better, think about taking on the 24 Day Challenge.  It is a comprehensive cleanse and weight loss system that is so easy to follow.  I did my challenge while working a 40 hour a week job, being a single soccer mom to two boys and traveling for my job.  You will see maximum results by following this simple program.  An average person loses 10 lbs and 9 inches… why wait? Wet N Wild is open through September! For $9 a day, why not give yourself the gift of health and fitness now and look good riding down the Tornado in your tiny bikini! 🙂

For more information, please go to or reach out to Ali Jividen at: 702-496-3567 –

See you at the water park!